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This website contains:-
  1. eplayOrgan - A Multi Purpose Translating Virtual Pipe Organ. Free to download and to use.
  2. Wurlitzer band organ and Violano e-roll music archives - play with eplayOrgan.
  3. A Miditzer midi file music archive - play with eplayOrgan
  4. Estey Player Organ music archive, over 600 e-rolls - play with eplayOrgan
  5. Playable Wurlitzer caliola music and videos.
  6. A playable library of all Scott Joplin's published music and songs.
  7. Playable Videos of Scott Joplin's music.
  8. Sheet music which can be viewed (or followed) as the music plays.
  9. Technical information about midi, music rolls, Wurlitzer and Estey organs.
  10. Literature: Computer humour, Kochel Catalog of Mozart's music, Aesop's Fables.

New Material

  1. New An archive of playable organ midi files. Midi files for Miditzer 150, 160, 216 and 260.New
  2. New Download eplayOrgan. A Multi Purpose Translating Virtual Pipe Organ. (Windows, iMac and Linux) New
  3. Estey Player Organ e-roll archive. Around 600 rolls.
  4. Wurlitzer Band Organ e-Roll Archive Styles 125, 150 and 165. Further rolls will be added as time permits.
  5. Translate organ midi files. How to translate organ midi files and e-rolls to play on other organs
  6. Download e-roll player, eplay. Plays Wurlitzer and Estey e-rolls from my archive. (For Windows and iMac)
  7. Violano Virtuoso Audio, Video and e-roll Archive. Audio, some randomly chosen video and e-roll archive.
  8. MidiMusic Android Apps. MidiMusic audio and video apps are now available for download.
  9. w150 tracker bar details. Updated and explanatory notes added.
  10. Wurlitzer Paper Music Roll Scanning How Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls are scanned.
  11. Music from Wurlitzer Rolls with fully activated controls and played on the appropriate Band Organs.
  12. Scott Joplin Video Player A single page which continuously plays all of the Scott Joplin video.
  13. Scott Joplin Music Library. Currently available music Scores in pdf format.
  14. Scott Joplin Audio Player A single page continuously plays all of the Scott Joplin audio.
  15. Wurlitzer Music Player A single page continuously plays some of the Wurlitzer music.

Play or View the Music


  1. eplayOrgan is the only real time translating organ available
  2. Play the music on good eqipment for best results.
  3. The Scott Joplin mp3 and ogg music has been produced by computer processing my set of midi files. These files have been checked and edited to conform (subject to errors and omissions) to Scott Joplin's original published sheet music.
  4. Scott Joplin's music and sheet music are out of copyright. I am not aware of any copyright or royalty restrictions regarding sharing, copying or playing this music.
  5. The videos are public domain and can be freely viewed.
  6. The Scott Joplin piano roll music is public domain.
  7. Some of the Wurlitzer music may not be used for commercial purposes.
  8. Some Sheet Music available on this site is provided by the U.S. Library of Congress.