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About MidiMusic


MidiMusic is provided by David who is a retired Electronics Design Engineer.

David has long been a fan of Scott Joplin's piano music. Indeed some of the original midi files which were converted for this site were originally sequenced by him.

This site has been written entirely in HTML5/CSS3 because it provides better audio capabilities than the older standards which never gave predictable results for music. HTML5 is cutting edge and challenges current Web Browsers which are only just becoming capable of properly playing audio.

It is a great pity that the HTML5 Standard did not settle on one audio format which would play in all Browsers. They did try but .ogg was rejected by both Apple and Microsoft for their own selfish reasons. The present situation is wasteful of resources and still does not provide fully predictable results but is better than it used to be.

Now I have worked out how to mould HTML5/CSS3 into a fairly capable music and video player without using yards of JavaScript I have found that some browsers purposely ignore the HTML5 autoplay command. When using these crippled browsers playing audio has to be started manually. This means that continuous play of a set of audio files is not possible. A severe disadvantage for some users.

If your browser properly supports javascript the clock below will show, display the correct time and continue to update once per second.

The recent loss of flash video support for Android has created another upheaval in the browser field. This is really a good thing because it concentrates video service providers into supporting HTML5 video standards rather than flash which is a proprietory product. However I have noted that the Internet Explorer's 10 and 11 have Flash built in.

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