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1.0 Playable Estey Music and Videos

Estey Organ Music and Videos

1.1 Estey Player Organ e-Roll Archive

Estey Organ e-Roll Archive
This archive contains over 600 e-Rolls of Estey Player Organ music.
The rolls can be played using eplayOrgan (Windows Linux and iMac).

C-140 label

10-1/8" roll label

C-140 instructions

C-140 instructions

633 label

10-3/4" roll label

Estey Organ Roll Catalog Volume 1
Estey Organ Roll Catalog Volume 2
The above archive and catalogs are worthy of study by anyone interested in classical music.

2.0 Estey Player Organ Instrumentation and Soundfonts

It is interesting to note how these organs were modularized into units.
It is also interesting to note that the various units were electrically coupled to each other via cables and relays.

Estey player organ tracker bar details Essential information to fully understand the organ.
How to Play Estey Music Rolls Producing purpose designed soundfonts.

2.1 Early Organ Opus 1660 (Installed 1919)

Estey Player Organ

Estey player organ.

Picture Courtesy of the Muscatine Art Center.

This Opus 1660 Estey Player Organ was built in 1919 by the Estey Company of Brattleboro, Vermont. The case style of the organ is in fitting with an Edwardian home, and is plain without the very fancy woodwork of the Victorian era.

A room approximately 18 by 11 feet, screened by a wooden grill behind the organ, houses 731 pipes, 11 manual ranks and 2 pedal ranks, plus chimes and an unusual glass harp. There is also an unusual complement of intra-manual couplers and the tremolo affects the entire organ.

Two Manuals of 61 Notes Each
Stops, Great (Enclosed)
Stops, Swell (Enclosed)
All speaking stops were duplexed from Great. (Similar to Opus 1873 and others)
Stops, Pedal (30 Notes)

2.2 Later and larger Organ Opus 2525 (Installed July 1926)

No player console.
Luminous Console with Two Manuals of 73 Notes
Stops, Great
Stops, Swell (Enclosed)
Stops, Pedal
Reference: Estey Shop Order 2525.

2.3 Later and even larger Organ Opus 2727 with Harp and Chimes (Installed 1928)

This organ was intended for a large auditorium with a seating capacity about 4000.

The organ contains an Estey player console but the organ's facilities far outweigh the capabilities of Estey's paper music rolls.

Luminous Console with Three Manuals of 73 Notes
Stops, Great (Enclosed)
Stops, Swell (Enclosed)
Stops, Orchestral Organ
Stops, Pedal
Expression Controls
Reference: Estey Shop Order 2727.

2.4 An Estey Player Organ Console

Estey Console

Estey player organ console.