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Author: David Back, November 2017 to September 2019

EplayOrgan, Multi Purpose Translating Virtual Pipe Organ

Version 3.0k1 and eplayOrganPortable Version Now Available for download

EplayOrgan is a multi purpose sample based virtual pipe organ intended to be played by organists and versatile enough to be useful to everybody with an interest in organs. It will translate, play and record organ midi files for most organs in real time. It will load and be playable almost instantly and does not need an expensive computer with huge amounts of memory.

eplayOrgan This organ was designed and tested on a 64 bit Windows 10 system but was always intended to be portable and versatile in that it will run on any 32 or 64 bit Windows system back to and including Windows XP. It will also run on any Mac or Linux system under Wine. Latency is negligable under Windows.

A "Portable App" version of eplayOrgan is now available, eplayOrganPortable. This also runs on any Windows system or any Mac or Linux system under Wine.

Main Features

  1. Easy and quick to install.
  2. All included organs are fully set up, just connect one or more midi keyboards, select your organ and begin playing.
  3. The correct midi channels are automatically set up for each organ.
  4. The keys, stops, pistons and two swell indicators are all fully animated and their state is easily visible.
  5. Hardware stop and expression controls may be input in Universal NRPN format. The same NRPN's will work for all organs.
  6. Optional Second Touch is available on all organs. See the second touch keys move to show exactly what is happening
  7. Optionally velocity sensitive on every rank. Useful for piano ranks.
  8. All stops are coloured and may be "swiped" open or closed, Manuals have a fully chromatic "swipe".
  9. The stops have automatically selected font sizes, varying with display size which makes them easy to read.
  10. Coupled keys move to show their state.
  11. See the Wurlitzer Band Organ keys and stops moving for the first time ever.
  12. Organs included:-
    Allen: Generic Church Organ and a Universal Organ which is used for translating organ midi files.
    Miditzer: 150, 160, 216 and 260 cinema organs
    Wurlitzer: 125, 150 and 165 band organs
    Hauptwerk: St Anne's Mosely, Burea Church, Paramount 310, Armley Schulze Leeds, Willis Salisbury, Cavaille-Coll Caen both nrpn and sysex, Eisenbarth Friesach
    Estey: Church Organ
    Viscount: Regent and a Viscount Church organ for use with eplayWin32
    Plus many more organs, see below.
  13. More organs can be easily added.
  14. A stop number display simplifies the making of new organs.
  15. Outputs from any organ can be translated to Universal Organ format and optionally recorded.
  16. Inputs or recordings in Universal Organ format can be translated to any other organ format and optionally recorded.
  17. All organs have the same basic layout and are user configurable. New organs can be imported and existing organs exported.
  18. Optional individual .sf2 sound font for each division. Many useful sound fonts are included.
  19. Includes Bruce Miles stereo organ soundfonts, updated for eplayOrgan, and Rich Olsen's Band Organ fonts.
  20. Up to four stereo audio outputs with adjustable reverb and unlimited polyphony.
  21. Built in midi player and recorder using the latest technology.
  22. Multiple playlists. Provides continuous playing of multiple midi files. No other organ has this feature.
  23. Built in two tone metronome.

This organ is perfect for translating organ midi files to play properly on other organs, no other organ can do this.
See: Organ Midi File Translation for details. New organs can now be imported and existing organs exported.

Hauptwerk midi file formats are now better supported. Stops may be selected using midi sysex events as well
as nrpn events and master couplers may be used. Both will be recorded and played, as appropriate, in midi files.

Version 3.0g a cures a long standing bug. The volume sliders, which most midi keyboards have, now correctly control the Organ's swell and expression. The Swell keyboard controls swell and the Great keyboard controls expression. These controls are automatically set up for each organ.

Version 3.0k Viscount trems. corrected. Allen trems. corrected. Midi translation improved.

Portable App version Viscount and Allen trems not yet corrected.

DOWNLOADS: eplayOrgan and eplayOrganPortable are completely free to download and to use.

Download eplayOrgan. setup_eplayOrganV3_0k1.zip MD5 7992960ae722b5f0baf3a0cc60df6fcf

Download eplayOrganPortable. eplayOrganPortable_3.0.8.1_English.paf.exe
MD5 208c86bcc966a1aa54a5ab06dcb2af83

Installing and using Portable Apps

The Portable App installer decompresses the eplayOrganPortable files and copies them into a folder of your choosing. To install two copies of eplayOrganPortable simply run the installer again and copy the files into a different folder.
You can install eplayOrganPortable on to a memory stick and you can then plug this stick into any computer and run it from the stick.
When you unplug the stick nothing on the computer will have been changed (unless you have purposely saved some eplayOrgan midi files on that computer).
You can also install eplayOrganPortable into a "cloud" folder and it will run from there.

To install eplayOrganPortable on Mac or Linux computers, first install Wine, then install eplayOrganPortable into a folder on drive Z: (The other drives will be hidden and inconvenient to use.)
Alternatively or additionally, if Wine is installed you can just plug in a memory stick made for Windows, as above and the organ will run when you double click the .exe file.

Note: The Portable Apps Platform works properly only on Windows computers.

Additional Organs you can download and import into eplayOrgan

These organs include Master Couplers where appropriate

Note: All trems updated for eplayOrgan V3.0k1, plus other minor improvements.

HW Skinner MtCarmelV1.xml
HW St Maximin FranceV1.xml
HW Velesovo SloveniaV1.xml
HW Skinner 1301 Oakland(nrpn)V1.xml
HW Skinner 1301 Oakland(sysex)V1.xml
HW Zwolle St Michael(nrpn)V1.xml
HW Zwolle St Michael(sysex)V1.xml
HW Engler KrzeszowV1.xml
HW Silbermann Freiberg(nrpn)V1.xml
HW Silbermann Freiberg(sysex)V1.xml
HW Silberbauer KdousovV1.xml
HW Hill Burton BerlinV1.xml
HW Mascioni AzzioV1.xml
HW Casavant 3742 BellevueV1.xml
HW St Pons MicotV1.xml
HW StrassbergV1.xml
HW Crakow St John CantiusV1.xml
HW Szczecinek PB Voelkner(nrpn)V1.xml The pistons on this organ break all the midi file rules.
HW Lipiny St Augustine VolkmannV1.xml
HW Klapmeyer AltenbruchV1.xml
Allen Generic Theatre OrganV1.xml
Allen Renaissance R230V1.xml
HW St Mary Le Bow TickellV1.xml
HW Peterborough Cathedral HillV1.xml
HW Pitea School of MusicV1.xml
HW Wildervank Walcker Opus 1747V1.xml
HW Ditfurt RoeverV1.xml
Viscount Jubilate 332V1.xml
Viscount Toccata IIV1.xml
Viscount CantataV1.xml
HW Paramount 320V1.xml
Allen Chapel CF 2aV1.xml
Allen Protege AP3V1.xml

Additional .sf2 sound fonts for eplayOrgan

Burea_Church_Ext2.02.sf2 (141MB) should be available for download from the web, it is associated with jOrgan.

Various videos of eplayOrgan in action

These videos were recorded with older versions of eplayOrgan.

Miditzer 260 Theatre Organ

Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ

Estey Church Organ

Viscount Regent Church Organ