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Violano Virtuoso, Audio and Video

A Selection of Violano Virtuoso Music.

A Violano Virtuoso is a mechanical musical instrument comprising a 44 note piano and either one or two violins.
The music for these was originally supplied on paper rolls, much like the Wurlitzer organs.

The audio section plays a selection of music made from Wurlitzer w125 rolls filtered to simulate a Mills Violano Virtuoso.
Note: Wurlitzer 125 rolls in midi format are free and can be downloaded from the internet. These can be filtered to play on a real Mills Violano Virtuoso which has been adapted to play midi files or to play on a standard midi player.

The video section shows videos of real Violanos, many of which have been adapted to play music in midi format.

Violano Virtuoso Selection

Play Audio

    These examples were made from Wurlitzer 125 rolls

  1. Chicken Reel.
  2. El Capitan.
  3. Dream of Heaven.
  4. Faust Waltz.
  5. This one was made from a Violano e-roll

  6. Danny Boy arr. by G.W.Finger.

Play Video

    Various Randomly Chosen Violanos

  1. Mills Double Tenesse Waltz.
  2. Anyone got a nickel
  3. Mills Double Edelweiss.
  4. Mills Bow Front Air on the G string.
  5. At Villa Finale, San Antonio
  6. Mills Double Duelling Banjos
  7. Renaissance Antiques
  8. Kew Mechanical Music Museum
  9. Let me call you Sweetheart
  10. Flight of the Bumblebee
  11. Indian Love Lyrics
  12. Danny Boy