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Estey Organ e-Roll Archive

This is an archive of Estey Player Organ Music Rolls in e-Roll format.
These e-rolls contain all of their original controls.

As of September 2016, I have added about 100 more rolls. Some damaged rolls have been replaced with good ones.

Download eplayOrgan Plays Estey e-rolls on any Hauptwerk, Miditzer or other organ. (Windows Linux and iMac)

Download my e-roll player, eplay Directly plays Wurlitzer and Estey e-rolls. (Windows or iMac)
Updated and now has purpose designed soundfonts, an immense improvement - I recommend trying roll 420.

14 March 2016. TPQ adjusted in 26 rolls to bring them all to a common standard.

This page is searchable if you are looking for a particular tune or composer.

"Early Music"

Roll 001: 001e.zip Test Roll. Repeating Octaves; No set combinations selected.
Roll 002: 002e.zip Test Roll. Random notes, non repeating; only one set combination.

Estey Roll Catalog Volume I

Roll 103: 103e.zip The Lost Chord, Sullivan
Roll 105: 105e.zip Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana, Mascagni
Roll 106: 106e.zip Rosary, Nevin
Roll 107: 107e.zip Meditation--Thais, Massenet
Roll 110: 110e.zip Overture to William Tell, Rossini
Roll 113: 113e.zip Vorspiel--Lohengrin, Wagner
Roll 114: 114e.zip Prize Song from "Die Meistersinger", Wagner
Roll 116: 116e.zip Funeral March, Chopin
Roll 117: 117e.zip Funeral March from Die Gotterdammerung, Wagner
Roll 118: 118e.zip Cavatina, Raff
Roll 121: 121e.zip Barcarole from Tales of Hoffman, Offenbach
Roll 122: 122e.zip Evening Star Song -Tannhauser, Wagner
Roll 123: 123e.zip March from Aida, Verdi
Roll 124: 124e.zip Melody in F, Rubinstein
Roll 126: 126e.zip Adagio Cantabile - Sonota Pathetique, Beethoven
Roll 128: 128e.zip Benediction Nuptiale, Saint-Saens
Roll 131: 131e.zip Communion in G, Batiste
Roll 132: 132e.zip Halleluja Chorus, Handel. End Damage
Roll 134: 134e.zip Cujus Animam Stabat Mater, Rossini
Roll C135: C135e.zip Clair de Lune E.A. MacDanell
Roll 136: 136e.zip Serenade, Schubert
Roll 138: 138e.zip Overture to Der Freischütz, Weber
Roll 139: 139e.zip Intermezzo Pas des Fleurs (Naila), Delibes
Roll 140: 140e.zip Gavotte from Mignon, Thomas
Roll 141: 141e.zip Coronation March from "The Prophet", Meyerbeer
Roll 142: 142e.zip Bayadere Dance No. 1, Rubinstein
Roll 145: 145e.zip Adagio, New World Symphony, 1st. Movement, Dvorak
Roll 146: 146e.zip Largo, New World Symphony, 2nd. Movement, Dvorak
Roll 147: 147e.zip Scherzo, New World Symphony, 3rd. Movement, Dvorak
Roll 148: 148e.zip Allegro, New World Symphony, 4th. Movement, Dvorak
Roll 151: 151e.zip Les Preludes, Liszt
Roll 152: 152e.zip Overture: Euryanthe, Weber
Roll 156: 156e.zip Seranade "Sing, Smile, Slumber", Gounod
Roll 157: 157e.zip Serenade, Titt'l
Roll 158: 158e.zip Country Dance Nell Gwyn, German
Roll 160: 160e.zip Simple Aveu, Op. 25, Thorme
Roll 161: 161e.zip Overture to Oberon, Weber
Roll 163: 163e.zip Serenade, Op. 15 No. 1, Moszkowski
Roll 164: 164e.zip In Summer, Stebbins C. A.
Roll 168: 168e.zip Elegie, Op. 10, Massenet
Roll 169: 169e.zip Aloah Oe - Fairwell to Thee, Liluokalani
Roll 170: 170e.zip Berceuse From Jocelyn, Godard
Roll 171: 171e.zip Symphony No. 6, Pathetique, 1st. Movement Allegro non Troppo, Tchaikowsky
Roll 172: 172e.zip Last Hope, Gottschalk (Recorded by Parke V. Hogan)
Roll 173: 173e.zip Moment Musicale, Op. 92 No. 2, Schubert
Roll 174: 174e.zip Nocturne from Midsummer Night's Dream, Mendelssohn
Roll 175: 175e.zip Humoreske Op.101, No.7, Dvorak
Roll 178: 178e.zip Quartette from Rigoletto, Verdi
Roll C180: C180e.zip Midsummer Night's Dream, Mendelssohn
Roll 180: 180e.zip Midsummer Night's Dream, Mendelssohn
Roll 181: 181e.zip Morning Mood from Peer Gynt Suite, Grieg
Roll 182: 182e.zip In the Hall of the Mountain King, Peer Gynt Suite, Grieg
Roll 183: 183e.zip Anitras Dance from Peer Gynt Suite, Grieg
Roll 185: 185e.zip Sextette from Lucia Di Lammermoor, Donizetti
Roll 186: 186e.zip Offertory on Two Christmas Hymns, Guilmant
Roll 187: 187e.zip Narcissus, Nevin
Roll 188: 188e.zip Largo from "Xerxes", Handel
Roll 190: 190e.zip The Water Sprites, Chaminade
Roll 191: 191e.zip Overture, "Poet and Peasant", Supé
Roll 192: 192e.zip Blue Danube Waltz, Strauss
Roll 193: 193e.zip Good - Bye, Tosti
Roll 197: 197e.zip Spring Song, (Song Without Words), Mendelssohn - Bartholdi
Roll 199: 199e.zip Wedding Music Op.45, Bridal Song No.2, Jensen
Roll 200: 200e.zip Round Dance, Jensen
Roll 201: 201e.zip Wedding Music, Op.45 March No.1, Jensen
Roll 203: 203e.zip Allegro Moderato, Unfinished Symphony, B Minor, Schubert
Roll 205: 205e.zip Jupiter Symphony First Movement, Mozart (Recorded by Parke V. Hogan)
Roll 209: 209e.zip Andante con moto, Unfinished Symphony, B Minor, Schubert
Roll 214: 214e.zip "Sanctus" from St. Cecilia Mass, Gounod
Roll 220: 220e.zip Valse Triste, Op.44, Sibeluis
Roll 223: 223e.zip I Pagliacci - Prologue, Leoncavallo
Roll C225: C225e.zip The Merry Wives of Windsor Overture, Nicolai
Roll 226: 226e.zip Overture "Sakuntala", Goldmark
Roll 227: 227e.zip With Verdeure Clad "Creation", Haydn
Roll C228: C228e.zip My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice, Samson and Delilha, Saint-Saens
Roll 228: 228e.zip My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice. Newer and improved version of C228
Roll C229: C229e.zip Cantilene Nuptiale, Dubois
Roll 229: 229e.zip Cantilene Nuptiale, Dubois. Newer, slightly different C229
Roll C230: C230e.zip Nazareth, Gounod
Roll C232: C232e.zip Offertory, St. Cecilia, Batiste
Roll 235: 235e.zip Abide With Me, Eventide, Monk (incomplete)
Roll 236: 236e.zip Woodland Sketches "To a Wild Rose" "Will O' the Wisp", Mac Dowell
Roll 237: 237e.zip Sweet and Low, Barnby
Roll 239: 239e.zip A Perfect Day, Jacobs-Bond
Roll 240: 240e.zip Onward Christian Soldiers, Sullivan
Roll 241: 241e.zip Lead Kindly Light, Dykes
Roll 242: 242e.zip Nearer My God to Thee, Mason (Recorded by Parke V. Hogan)
Roll 245: 245e.zip Gondolieri, Op. 25 No. 2, Nevin
Roll C246: C246e.zip Charming, Tres John - Waltzes, Waldteuffel
Roll 248: 248e.zip Canzone Amorosa (Love Song), Nevin
Roll 249: 249e.zip Claire De Lune (Moonlight), Debussy
Roll 250: 250e.zip The Curfew, Horseman
Roll 251: 251e.zip La Cygne (The Swan), Saint-Saens
Roll 253: 253e.zip Little Grey Home in the West, Lohr
Roll 254: 254e.zip Andantino in D Flat (Moonlight and Roses), Lemare
Roll 255: 255e.zip I Hear You Calling Me, Marshall
Roll 256: 256e.zip Andante Cantible, String Quartette Op. 11, Tchaikowsky
Roll 257: 257e.zip Somewhere A Voice is Calling, Tate
Roll 258: 258e.zip Mother Machree, Ball
Roll C259: C259e.zip Admiration Hawaiian Idyl, W.H. Tyres
Roll C260: C260e.zip Prelude in C Sharp Minor, Rachmaninoff. Roll 260 is identical
Roll 262: 262e.zip Elevation in A Flat, Guilmant
Roll 264: 264e.zip Hymn of the Nuns, Lefebure-Wely
Roll 265: 265e.zip Minuet in G, Beethoven
Roll C266: C266e.zip Angeles Serenade, Braga
Roll 267: 267e.zip Badinage, Herbert
Roll 268: 268e.zip Elegy, Gibson
Roll 270: 270e.zip Gavotte from Sixth English Suite, Bach
Roll 271: 271e.zip Finlandia, Sibelius
Roll 272: 272e.zip La Bohéme Selections, Puccini
Roll 273: 273e.zip A Dream, Bartlett
Roll 274: 274e.zip Intermezzo from "Jewels of Madonna", Wolf-Ferrari
Roll 275: 275e.zip Gavotte, Flagler
Roll 276: 276e.zip Kamennoi - Ostrow Op.10, No.22, Rubinstein
Roll 277: 277e.zip Chapel in the Mountains, Wilson
Roll 278: 278e.zip King Cotton March, Sousa
Roll 279: 279e.zip March Heroique de Jeanne D'Arc, Dubois
Roll 280: 280e.zip Cantilene, Wheeldon
Roll C281: C281e.zip Loreley, Hans Seeling
Roll 282: 282e.zip In Paradism, Dubois
Roll 284: 284e.zip Gavotte No.1 - D Minor, Bach
Roll C285: C285e.zip Pastorale, Guilmant. Roll 285 is identical
Roll 286: 286e.zip On the Wings of Song, Mendelsshon-Bartholdi
Roll 288: 288e.zip Grand Chorus in D, Op.18, No.1, Guilmant
Roll 289: 289e.zip Impromptu, Flagler
Roll 290: 290e.zip Serenata, Flagler
Roll C291: C291e.zip March of the Magi Kings, Dubois. Roll 291 is identical
Roll C292: C292e.zip Liebestod, Loves Death, Tristan and Isolde, Wagner. Roll 292 is identical
Roll 293: 293e.zip Marche Romaine, Gounod
Roll 294: 294e.zip Festival March, Raff
Roll 295: 295e.zip Canzona, Wolstenholme
Roll 296: 296e.zip Torchlight March, Op.59, No.1, Guilmant
Roll 297: 297e.zip Polish Dance, Scharwenka
Roll 298: 298e.zip Gavotte in F, Martini
Roll 300: 300e.zip Hungarian Dance No. 6, Brahms
Roll C301: C301e.zip Scarf Dance Scene de Ballet, C. Chaminade. Roll 301 is identical
Roll 303: 303e.zip Echo Bells, Brewer
Roll 304: 304e.zip Finale the Grand Chorous in Eb, Guilmant
Roll 305: 305e.zip Funeral March of a Marionette, Gounod
Roll 306: 306e.zip Cantilene Transcription by Guilmant, Salome
Roll 307: 307e.zip If I Were a Bird, Henselt
Roll 308: 308e.zip Solitude, Godard
Roll 309: 309e.zip Last Sleep of the Virgin, Massenet
Roll 310: 310e.zip Hungarian Dance No. 1, Brahms
Roll 311: 311e.zip Hungarian Dance No. 2, Brahms
Roll 312: 312e.zip Hungarian Dance No. 4, Brahms
Roll 313: 313e.zip Home, Sweet Home (Transcription), Buck
Roll 314: 314e.zip Overture to Stradella, Flotow
Roll 315: 315e.zip The Bartered Bride Overture, Smetana
Roll 319: 319e.zip Leibestraum (Love Dreams), Liszt
Roll 320: 320e.zip Vorspiel, Tristan and Isolde, Wagner
Roll 322: 322e.zip Andante Con Moto, Fifth Symphony, Beethoven
Roll 324: 324e.zip Allegro Molto Vivace, Third Movement Pathetique Symphony No. 6, Tchaikowsky
Roll 325: 325e.zip Two Grenadiers, Schumann
Roll 326: 326e.zip Torch Dance, German (Played by Parke V. Hogan)
Roll 327: 327e.zip Drink to me Only with Thine eyes, Unknown
Roll C328: C328e.zip Loch Lomond, Old Scottish Song
Roll 329: 329e.zip Consolation, Mendelssohn - Bartholdi
Roll 330: 330e.zip Then You'll Remember Me, Balfe
Roll 331: 331e.zip The Palms, Faure
Roll 332: 332e.zip Evening Bells and Cradle Song, MacFarlane
Roll 333: 333e.zip In Moonlight, Kinder
Roll 334: 334e.zip Morris Dance, German
Roll C335: C335e.zip Shepherd's Dance, Incidental Music to Shakespeare's Henry VIII, German. Roll 335 is identical
Roll 336: 336e.zip Raymond Overture, Thomas
Roll 337: 337e.zip Hansel and Gretel Vorspiel, Humperdinck
Roll 338: 338e.zip A. D. MDCXX, MacDowell
Roll 340: 340e.zip Minuet Celebre, Boccherini (Dated July 10, 1923)
Roll 341: 341e.zip Christmas in Sicily, Yon (Incomplete)
Roll 342: 342e.zip Invitation to the Dance, Weber
Roll 343: 343e.zip Adeste Fideles, Portogallo
Roll 345: 345e.zip Carmen Fantasie No.1, Bizet
Roll 346: 346e.zip Overture to Zampa, Herold
Roll 347: 347e.zip "O For the Wings of a Dove" from "Hear My Prayer", Mendelsshon - Bartholdi
Roll 349: 349e.zip Souvenir, Drdla
Roll 351: 351e.zip Caprice Viennois, Kreisler
Roll 352: 352e.zip Visions of Salome, Waltz from Zigfield Follies of 1910, Joyce
Roll 353: 353e.zip Selections from "Madame Butterfly", Puccini
Roll 354: 354e.zip Selections from Il'Trovatore, Verdi
Roll 355: 355e.zip Selections from Faust, Gounod
Roll 359: 359e.zip Valse des Fleurs, from Nutcracker Suite, Tchaikowski
Roll 360: 360e.zip Danse Russe and Danse des Mirlitons from the Nutcracker Suite, Tchaikowski
Roll 361: 361e.zip Monastery Bells, Lefebure-Wely
Roll 362: 362e.zip Star Spangled Banner, Key
Roll 363: 363e.zip Wait Till the Cows Come Home, Caryll
Roll 364: 364e.zip When You Come Back, Frey
Roll 365: 365e.zip Salut d'Amour, Elgar

Estey Roll Catalog Volume II

Roll 366: 366e.zip Aida Fantasie No. 1, Verdi
Roll 367: 367e.zip Liebesfreud, Kreisler
Roll 368: 368e.zip There's A Long Trail, Elliott
Roll 370: 370e.zip Evensong, Johnston
Roll 372: 372e.zip Second Connecticut March, Reeves
Roll 374: 374e.zip March (Parting) Lenore Symphony, Raff
Roll 375: 375e.zip La Marseillaise, Rouget de l'Isle
Roll 376: 376e.zip Trailing Arbutus, Davis
Roll 378: 378e.zip Nocturne, Miller
Roll 379: 379e.zip Concerto for Violin Op. 64, Second Movement, Andante, Mendelssohn
Roll 380: 380e.zip Spanish Dances, Op. 12 No. 1 and 4, Moszkowski
Roll 381: 381e.zip Spanish Dances, Op. 12 No. 2, Moszkowski
Roll 382: 382e.zip Italian Symphony, No.4, Allegro Vivace, Mendelssohn
Roll 383: 383e.zip Symphony No. 1, Allegro Animato Finale, Schumann
Roll 385: 385e.zip Italian Symphony No. 4, Saltarello, 4th. Movement, Mendelsso
Roll 386: 386e.zip Scotch Symphony, First Movement, Mendelssohn
Roll 387: 387e.zip Fifth Symphony in C MInor, Allegro Con Brio, First Movement, Beethoven
Roll 388: 388e.zip Fifth Symphony, Third and Fourth Movements, Beethoven
Roll 389: 389e.zip Overture from Nutcracker Suite, Tchaikowski
Roll 390: 390e.zip Danse Arabe - Nutcracker Suite, Tchaikowski
Roll 391: 391e.zip Molly on the Shore, Grainger
Roll 393: 393e.zip Nocturne in E Flat, Op.9, No.2, Chopin
Roll 394: 394e.zip Alpine Maid's Sunday, Bull
Roll 395: 395e.zip Solvejg's Song, Grieg
Roll 397: 397e.zip L'Arlesienne, First Suite for Orchestra Minuetto, Bizet
Roll 399: 399e.zip Arabeske, Schumann
Roll 400: 400e.zip Pastoral Symphony No. 6, Op. 68 First Movement, Allegro, Beethoven
Roll 401: 401e.zip How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm, Donaldson
Roll 402: 402e.zip March of the Dwarfs, Op.54, No.3, Grieg
Roll 403: 403e.zip The Snow is Dancing, Debussy

"New Music" Stage 1, mid 1920's

Some of the rolls below do not use the "New Music" features.

Roll 404: 404e.zip Thousand and One Night Waltes, Strauss
Roll 405: 405e.zip Bagatello Op.47, No's 1, 2, 3, Dvorak
Roll 406: 406e.zip Album for the Young, #17 Roaming in the Morning, #29 The Strange Man, Schumann
Roll 407: 407e.zip Album for the Young, No. 30, No. 28, No. 13, Schumann (Incomplete)
Roll 408: 408e.zip Album for the Young, #12 Knight Rupert, Schumann
Roll 409: 409e.zip Farandole from L'Arlesienne, Bizet
Roll 410: 410e.zip Selections from Rigoletto, Verdi
Roll 411: 411e.zip Scherzo from String Quartet, Op. 18, No. 4, Beethoven
Roll 413: 413e.zip Melody, J. A. West
Roll 415: 415e.zip Melodie Op.77, No. 9, Moszkowski (Incomplete)
Roll 416: 416e.zip Reverie, Atherton
Roll 417: 417e.zip Abide With Me, Liddle
Roll 418: 418e.zip Scherzando, Humoreske, Widor
Roll 420: 420e.zip Dance of the Hours, Ballet from LaGioconda, Ponchielli
Roll 421: 421e.zip Nocturne, Op.55, No.1, Chopin
Roll 422: 422e.zip Melodie, Op. 8, No.3, Paderewski
Roll 423: 423e.zip Au Matin, Godard
Roll 424: 424e.zip Caprice, Kinder
Roll 425: 425e.zip Berceuse, Moszkowski
Roll 426: 426e.zip The Glow Worm Gavotte, Lincke
Roll 428: 428e.zip Serenade, Rachmaninoff
Roll 429: 429e.zip Minuet in D Minor, Hogan
Roll 431: 431e.zip Caprice Op. 20 No.3, Guilmant
Roll 432: 432e.zip Polonaise (Military), Chopin
Roll 433: 433e.zip Adagio, From Moonlight Sonata, Op. 27, No.2, Beethoven
Roll 434: 434e.zip Dear Old Pal of Mine, Getz-Rice
Roll 435: 435e.zip Minuetto Op. 18, No. 4, Beethoven
Roll 436: 436e.zip Pastorale, Op.29, No.3, Foote
Roll 437: 437e.zip Offertoire in D Flat, Salome
Roll 439: 439e.zip Praeludium, Jarnefelt
Roll 440: 440e.zip Allegro Gioioso, Dethier (Incomplete)
Roll 441: 441e.zip Cantabile, Franck
Roll 442: 442e.zip Serenade, Kinder
Roll 443: 443e.zip Gavotte A La Cour, Lemare
Roll 444: 444e.zip Oriental Intermezzo, Wheeldon
Roll 445: 445e.zip Chanson D'Ete, Lemare
Roll 446: 446e.zip Intermezzo, Rogers
Roll 447: 447e.zip Evening Chimes, Wheeldon
Roll 448: 448e.zip Cherry, Albert
Roll 449: 449e.zip Spring Song, Hollins
Roll 450: 450e.zip Danse Macabre, Saint-Saens
Roll 451: 451e.zip Concert Overture in C Minor, Hollins
Roll 452: 452e.zip Dardanella, Bernard & Black
Roll 453: 453e.zip My Isle of Golden Dreams, Blanfuss
Roll 454: 454e.zip Vamp, The, Gay
Roll 456: 456e.zip Will O' the Wisp, Nevin
Roll 458: 458e.zip Spring Song, MacFarlane
Roll 459: 459e.zip Lullaby, Shelby
Roll 460: 460e.zip Epilogue, Miller
Roll 461: 461e.zip Slumber Song, Nevin
Roll 462: 462e.zip Barcarole, Dethier
Roll 463: 463e.zip Romance, Faure
Roll 464: 464e.zip Cantilene, Wolstenholme
Roll 465: 465e.zip Nocturne, Ferrata
Roll 466: 466e.zip Reverie, Dethier
Roll 467: 467e.zip Minuet from Third Symphony, Widor
Roll 468: 468e.zip To Spring, Matthews
Roll 469: 469e.zip Scherzo Symphonic, Lemmens
Roll 470: 470e.zip Humoreske, Tchaikowsky
Roll 471: 471e.zip March Triomphale, Lemmens
Roll 472: 472e.zip Scherzo Symphonic, Miller
Roll 473: 473e.zip Offertoire in C, Lefebure-Wely (Corrupt file repaired)
Roll 474: 474e.zip Scherzo Pastorale, Federlein (End damage repaired)
Roll 475: 475e.zip Pierrette, Air de Ballet No. 5, Chaminade
Roll 476: 476e.zip Chant Sans Paroles Op. 40, No. 6, Tchaikowski
Roll 477: 477e.zip Cantilene, Matthews
Roll 478: 478e.zip Serenade, Andrews
Roll 479: 479e.zip Serenade, Lemare
Roll 480: 480e.zip Melodie, Op.42, No.3, Tchiakowsky
Roll 481: 481e.zip Allegretto Grazioso, Tours
Roll 482: 482e.zip On Miami Shore, Jacobi
Roll 483: 483e.zip Andante Grazioso, Smart
Roll 484: 484e.zip Meditation Serieuse, Bartlett
Roll 485: 485e.zip Scherzo from Second Symphony, Widor
Roll 486: 486e.zip Consolation, D'Evry
Roll 492: 492e.zip Chanson de Mai, Borowski
Roll 494: 494e.zip Cantus Adorato, Stoughton
Roll 495: 495e.zip At Parting of Day, Frysinger
Roll 496: 496e.zip Vison Fugitive, Stevenson
Roll 497: 497e.zip Elegie, Yon
Roll 498: 498e.zip In Springtime, Chaffin
Roll 499: 499e.zip Within A Chinese Garden, Stoughton
Roll 500: 500e.zip Fantasie Rustique, Wolstenholme
Roll 501: 501e.zip Bonne Nuit, Reiff
Roll 502: 502e.zip Nocturne, Stoughton
Roll 503: 503e.zip Sunset, Demarest
Roll 504: 504e.zip Concecration, Coerne
Roll 505: 505e.zip Alegro Militaire, Wolstenholme
Roll 506: 506e.zip Chant Poetique, Diggle
Roll 507: 507e.zip Festival Piece, Stebbins
Roll 508: 508e.zip Pastorale, Faulkes
Roll 509: 509e.zip Minuet and Trio, Faulkes
Roll 511: 511e.zip An Eastern Idyl, Staughton
Roll 512: 512e.zip Scherzo, Reiff
Roll 513: 513e.zip At Sunset, Diggle
Roll 514: 514e.zip Bon Jour, Reiff (Incomplete)
Roll 515: 515e.zip Allegro Vivace Assai from String Quartette in G Major, Mozart
Roll 516: 516e.zip Minuetto, Allegretto from String Quartette in G Major, Mozart
Roll 517: 517e.zip Andante Cantabile from String Quartette G Major, Mozart
Roll 518: 518e.zip Molto Allegro from String Quartette in G Major, Mozart
Roll 519: 519e.zip Allegro and Larghetto from Terzetto, Op.74, Dvorak
Roll 520: 520e.zip Overture to Rienzi, Wagner
Roll 521: 521e.zip Reverie Triste, Diggle
Roll 522: 522e.zip Allegro Vivace Assai, from B Flat Major Quartette, Mozart
Roll 523: 523e.zip Romance, Arensky
Roll 525: 525e.zip The Dancing Girls of Delhi, Stoughton
Roll 526: 526e.zip Polacca, Beethoven
Roll 527: 527e.zip Reverie, Borowski
Roll 528: 528e.zip Allegro, Finale to Quartette No. 10, Mozart
Roll 529: 529e.zip Ruy Blas Overture, Mendelssohn
Roll 530: 530e.zip Chanson de Matin, Gillette
Roll 531: 531e.zip Serenade, MacFarlane
Roll 532: 532e.zip Evening Bells and Cradle Song, MacFarlane
Roll 533: 533e.zip Larghetto from Second Symphony, Beethoven
Roll 536: 536e.zip Barcarole, Faulkes
Roll 537: 537e.zip Scherzo from Fourth Symphony, Widor
Roll 540: 540e.zip Andante Rustico from Sonata Cromatica, Yon
Roll 545: 545e.zip Serenade, Rubinstein
Roll 550: 550e.zip Allegro con Grazia from Symphony Pathetique, Tchaikowsky
Roll 551: 551e.zip Meditation, Gretchaninow
Roll 556: 556e.zip Overture Tancrede, Rossini
Roll 558: 558e.zip Down the Trail to Home Sweet Home, Ball
Roll 559: 559e.zip Tell Me Little Gypsy, Berlin
Roll 561: 561e.zip Whispering, Schonberger
Roll 562: 562e.zip Cuban Moon, Spencer and McKiernan
Roll 563: 563e.zip October from "The Seasons", Tchaikowski
Roll 564: 564e.zip Troika En Traineaux from "The Seasons", Tchaikowski
Roll 565: 565e.zip Berceuse, Jarnefelt
Roll 566: 566e.zip Grand Choeur, Wheeldon
Roll 568: 568e.zip Wedding Chimes, Chaffin
Roll 569: 569e.zip Ecce Homo, Op.15 C, Leupold
Roll 570: 570e.zip Festal Postlude, Halsey
Roll 577: 577e.zip Grand Chorus, Salome
Roll 580: 580e.zip Pastorale, Matthews
Roll 583: 583e.zip Gavotte in F Major, Beethoven
Roll 585: 585e.zip Melodie, Friml
Roll 586: 586e.zip The Courts of Jamshyd from the Persian Suite, 1st. Movement, Stoughton (Incomplete)
Roll 587: 587e.zip The Garden of Iram, From the Persian Suite, 2nd. Movement, Stoughton
Roll 588: 588e.zip Saki, from The Persian Suite, 3rd. Movement, Stoughton
Roll 589: 589e.zip Vision Op. 156 No. 5, Rheinberger
Roll 593: 593e.zip Canon in B Minor Op. 56, Schumann
Roll 595: 595e.zip Russian Romance, Friml
Roll 596: 596e.zip Berceuse, Grieg (Incomplete)
Roll 598: 598e.zip Twilight, Cesek
Roll 599: 599e.zip Overture - The Italian in Algiers, Rossini
Roll 600: 600e.zip Rakoczy March from Damnation of Faust, Berlioz
Roll 606: 606e.zip Chinoiserie, Swinnen
Roll 607: 607e.zip Where Dusk Gathers Deep, Stebbins
Roll 613: 613e.zip Vesperale Op.40, No.2, Scott
Roll 614: 614e.zip At Twilight, Stebbins
Roll 617: 617e.zip Irish Tunes from County Derry, Grainger
Roll 622: 622e.zip Overture Fair Melusina, Mendelssohn
Roll 627: 627e.zip Festival Postlude, Schminke
Roll 630: 630e.zip Andante Con Moto, Guilmant
Roll 633: 633e.zip First Meditation, Guilmant
Roll 635: 635e.zip Offertoire in A Flat, Read
Roll 636: 636e.zip Overture Morning Noon and Night in Vienna, Suppe
Roll 638: 638e.zip Introduction and Fugue from Second Sonata, Merkel
Roll 639: 639e.zip A Sea Song Op. 55 No. 5, By Smouldering Embers, MacDowell
Roll 641: 641e.zip Adagio Cantabile from Septet, Beethoven
Roll 642: 642e.zip Venezia: Alba Gondolieri, Canzone Amorosa, Buona Notte, Nevin
Roll 645: 645e.zip Fantasie Dialogue, Boellmann
Roll 647: 647e.zip Fantasy and Fugue in G Minor, Bach
Roll 649: 649e.zip Largo e Maestoso, First Movement, First Sonata, Guilmant
Roll 650: 650e.zip The Question and the Answer, Wolstenholme
Roll 652: 652e.zip Ave Maria, Schubert-Wilnelm
Roll 653: 653e.zip Hindu Chant from "Sadko", Rimsky-Korsakow, Kreisler
Roll 654: 654e.zip Intermezzo 3rd. Movement, Sixth Symphony, Widor
Roll 656: 656e.zip Sostenuto Assai from Quartet Op. 47, Schumann
Roll 658: 658e.zip Allegro Molto from G Minor Symphony, Mozart
Roll 660: 660e.zip Larghetto in E Flat, Batiste
Roll 662: 662e.zip Finale, First Sonata, Guilmant
Roll 668: 668e.zip Dreams, Stoughton
Roll 673: 673e.zip Wedding Chimes, Faulkes
Roll 674: 674e.zip Barcarole, Tchaikowski
Roll 675: 675e.zip Spring Song, Faulkes
Roll 679: 679e.zip Intermezzo, Szalit
Roll 681: 681e.zip Cantique du Matin, Wheeldon
Roll 682: 682e.zip Canzonetta, Parker
Roll 684: 684e.zip Vivace, Finale, Sixth Symphony, Widor
Roll 688: 688e.zip Festal Commemoration, West
Roll 700: 700e.zip Ka-Lu-A from "Good Morning Dearie", Kern
Roll 703: 703e.zip April Showers from "Bombo", Silvers
Roll 704: 704e.zip Sally, Won't You Come Back, from Ziegfiled Follies, Stamper
Roll 712: 712e.zip Mandy 'N Me, Conrad and Motzan
Roll 718: 718e.zip "Adagietto" and "Le Carillon" from L'Arlesienne Suite No. 1, Bizet
Roll 720: 720e.zip La Lisonjera (The Flatterer), Chaminade
Roll 721: 721e.zip Symphony in D Minor, Franck
Roll 723: 723e.zip There is a Green Hill Far Away, Gounod
Roll 725: 725e.zip Overture, Rosamunde, Op.26, Schubert
Roll 728: 728e.zip Waldweben, from Siegfried, Wagner
Roll 731: 731e.zip Minuetto - The Surprise, Haydn
Roll 733: 733e.zip Coriolanus Overture, Beethoven
Roll 737: 737e.zip Adagio, Presto, Symphony in D (Clock Symphony), Haydn
Roll 740: 740e.zip Leonore Overture No.3, Beethoven
Roll 742: 742e.zip Egmont Overture, Beethoven
Roll 743: 743e.zip Twilight Hour, Salvino

END OF Estey Roll Catalog Volume II

Roll 744: 744e.zip The Optimist, Maitland
Roll 746: 746e.zip Scheherezade First Movement, Rimsky-Korsakow
Roll 748: 748e.zip March of the Gnomes from "In Fairyland", Stoughton
Roll 749: 749e.zip Andantino, Chauvet
Roll 751: 751e.zip Un Peu d' Amour, Silesu
Roll 754: 754e.zip Sweet Spirit Hear My Prayer, Wallace
Roll 755: 755e.zip Chanson d'Amour, Loth (Incomplete)
Roll 756: 756e.zip Romance, A. D'Ambrosio
Roll 757: 757e.zip From the Canebrake, Gardner
Roll 758: 758e.zip From the Cottonfields, Spalding
Roll 761: 761e.zip Romance in A, Op. 4, No. 1, Frommel
Roll 762: 762e.zip In Elizabethan Days, Kramer
Roll 763: 763e.zip Scherzo, Ries
Roll 764: 764e.zip Canzonetta, A. D'Ambrosio
Roll 765: 765e.zip Slave Song, Many Thousand Gone, White
Roll 767: 767e.zip Berceuse (Cradle Song), Godard
Roll 768: 768e.zip Reflection, Friml
Roll 769: 769e.zip Chant Negre, Kramer
Roll 770: 770e.zip Cavatina, Bohm
Roll 771: 771e.zip Schon Rosmarin (Fair Rosmarin), Kreisler
Roll 772: 772e.zip Ave Maria, Henselt
Roll 776: 776e.zip The Secret Intermezzo, Gautier
Roll 778: 778e.zip Cantilena, Goltermann
Roll 783: 783e.zip Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, Jessel
Roll 785: 785e.zip Liza, Pinkard
Roll 786: 786e.zip Once Upon A Time chorus from "The Clinging Vine", Levey
Roll 789: 789e.zip Palm Sunday (Paques Fleuries), Mailly
Roll 790: 790e.zip Indian Summer Idyl, Smith
Roll 791: 791e.zip Serenade, from Hungarian Suite, D'Antalffy
Roll 792: 792e.zip Scherzino, Raff
Roll 793: 793e.zip Will O' the Wisp, Jensen
Roll 794: 794e.zip Quiet Afternoon, Jensen
Roll 795: 795e.zip Serenade, Raff
Roll 796: 796e.zip March Nuptial, Widor
Roll 798: 798e.zip Morning Greeting, Jensen
Roll 799: 799e.zip The Joyous Wanderer, Jensen
Roll 801: 801e.zip Bambolina, from "Wildflower", Youmans and Stohart
Roll 803: 803e.zip Sketch A La Minuet, Reiff
Roll 805: 805e.zip Triumphal March from "Maaman", Costa
Roll 806: 806e.zip Scherzo from Second Symphony, Schumann
Roll 807: 807e.zip Alla Marcia, Rheinberger
Roll 809: 809e.zip Offertory in D Minor, Batiste
Roll 810: 810e.zip Allegro Molto, Finale from the Second Symphony, Beethoven
Roll 811: 811e.zip Offertory in C Major, Batiste
Roll 813: 813e.zip Minuet from String Quartette, Op. 18, No. 5, in A Major, Beethoven
Roll 816: 816e.zip Allegro Vivacissimo, 4th. Movement, Scotch Symphony, Mendelssohn
Roll 819: 819e.zip Washington Post March, Sousa
Roll 820: 820e.zip Where the Ganges Flows from "Adrienne", Von Tilzer
Roll 821: 821e.zip Swingin' Down the Lane, Kahn and Jones
Roll 822: 822e.zip Down Among the Sleepy Hills of Ten-Ten-Tennessee, Meyer
Roll 823: 823e.zip When Will the Sun Shine for Me, Davis and Silver
Roll 824: 824e.zip Nijigo Novgo, from "Helen of Troy, N. Y.", Kalmar and Ruby
Roll 825: 825e.zip Sun - Kist Rose, De Voll
Roll 826: 826e.zip Allegro Non Troppo, Last movement from D minor Symphony, Franck
Roll 829: 829e.zip Home, "Waiting for the Evening Mail", Hearst-Anderson-Boskette (Incomplete)
Roll 831: 831e.zip Elevation or Communion, Saint-Saens
Roll 832: 832e.zip Festival March, Miller
Roll 833: 833e.zip At the Cradle, Jensen
Roll 834: 834e.zip Chanson, Friml
Roll 840: 840e.zip Romance, Friml (Incomplete)
Roll 841: 841e.zip Souvenir d"Amitie, Low
Roll 843: 843e.zip Hymn Celeste, Friml
Roll 844: 844e.zip Masquerade, Jepson
Roll 849: 849e.zip Venetian Serenade, Luzzatti
Roll 851: 851e.zip Selections from "Martha", Flotow
Roll 853: 853e.zip Minuet in D, Mozart
Roll 854: 854e.zip Cantabile, Demarest
Roll 855: 855e.zip A Woodland Idyl, Reiff
Roll 860: 860e.zip Invocation, Wolstenholme
Roll 861: 861e.zip Pastorale Romance in A Minor, Wolstenholme
Roll 863: 863e.zip Arietta, Kinder
Roll 864: 864e.zip Where Wild Judea Stretches Far, Stoughton (Incomplete)
Roll 865: 865e.zip A Summer Idyl, Stults (Incomplete)
Roll 868: 868e.zip Valse Mignonne, Rebikoff (Incomplete)
Roll 869: 869e.zip Mountain Idyl, Schminke
Roll 872: 872e.zip Elegie in F Sharp Minor, Amani
Roll 873: 873e.zip Softening Shadows, Stoughton (Incomplete)
Roll 875: 875e.zip Finale, Ferrari
Roll 879: 879e.zip Grand Choeur in A, Kinder
Roll 881: 881e.zip Romance, Rimsky-Korsakow
Roll 882: 882e.zip Festival March, Foote
Roll 883: 883e.zip Deep River, Burleigh
Roll 887: 887e.zip At Evening, Kinder
Roll 888: 888e.zip Prelude, Chopin
Roll 890: 890e.zip Andante Grazioso, Dethier
Roll 891: 891e.zip Danza Campestre, Kopylow
Roll 892: 892e.zip Peasant's Song, Grieg
Roll 893: 893e.zip Prelude in D Flat, Op. 22 No. 1, Gallaerts
Roll 895: 895e.zip Linger Awhile, Rose
Roll 896: 896e.zip Bridal Song from Wedding Symphony, Goldmark
Roll 897: 897e.zip The Fountain Sparkling in the Sunlight, Goodwin
Roll 898: 898e.zip Nocturne, Dethier
Roll 899: 899e.zip At Twilight, Nevin, Ethelbert
Roll 900: 900e.zip Reverie, MacFarlane
Roll 901: 901e.zip Scherzo in D Minor, Federlein (May be incomplete)
Roll 903: 903e.zip Serenade, Pierné
Roll 904: 904e.zip Scherzino, Ferrata
Roll 905: 905e.zip Love Song, Ferrata
Roll 908: 908e.zip Scherzo in B flat Minor, Chopin
Roll 909: 909e.zip Adoring You, Introducing "All Pepped Up" from Ziegfield Follies 1924, Tierney, Harry
Roll 911: 911e.zip Third Sonata, Guilmant
Roll 912: 912e.zip Early Morn, Bartlett, Homer N.
Roll 913: 913e.zip Love Song Op.2, No3, Nevin, Ethelbert
Roll 914: 914e.zip Novelette, Parker
Roll 915: 915e.zip Danse des Odalisques, Danse Characteristique, Rebikoff
Roll 916: 916e.zip Misericordia, Nevin, Ethelbert
Roll 917: 917e.zip Andante Espressivo, Glazounnow
Roll 918: 918e.zip Wedding Prelude - Wedding Intermezzo, Nevin, Ethelbert
Roll 919: 919e.zip Irish Danse, Scott
Roll 921: 921e.zip Scherzo Caprice, Rowley
Roll 922: 922e.zip A l'Ombre, Godard
Roll 924: 924e.zip Claire de Lune, Faure
Roll 925: 925e.zip Andante, Bartlett
Roll 926: 926e.zip Berceuse, Fauré
Roll 929: 929e.zip Rose Marie, Friml (Incomplete)
Roll 930: 930e.zip Follow the Swallow, Henderson
Roll 931: 931e.zip Andante (Evening Harmonies), Bartlett (Incomplete)
Roll 932: 932e.zip Chant sans Paroles, Faure
Roll 934: 934e.zip Intermede, King
Roll 935: 935e.zip Me and the Boy Friend, Monaco
Roll 936: 936e.zip Our Director March, Bigelow
Roll 938: 938e.zip Amour Coquet (Vagrant Love), Friml
Roll 941: 941e.zip Carnival March from Masquarade Ballet Suite, Lacome
Roll 942: 942e.zip The Mandolin Serenaders Grand Parade from Masquerade Ballet Suite, Lacome
Roll 943: 943e.zip Tell Her in the Springtime from The Music Box Review, Introucing "All Alone", Berlin
Roll 944: 944e.zip Peter Pan, King and Henderson
Roll 947: 947e.zip Indian Love Call from "Rose Marie", Friml
Roll 948: 948e.zip I'll See You in my Dreams, Isham Jones
Roll 949: 949e.zip Tea for Two from "No No Nanette", Vincent Youmans
Roll 951: 951e.zip Ballet Suite from "The Queen of Sheba" 1 - 2 - 3 - 4, Goldmark
Roll 952: 952e.zip Andantino in Modo de Canzona from the 4th. Symphony in F Minor, Tchaikowski
Roll 953: 953e.zip Swanee Butterfly, Rose and Donaldson
Roll 954: 954e.zip Gigolette, Lehar
Roll 955: 955e.zip Selections from "Robin Hood", Dekoven
Roll 956: 956e.zip Selections from "Bohemian Girl", Balfe
Roll 959: 959e.zip Swing Along (Rag), Cook
Roll 960: 960e.zip In A Monastery Garden, Kettelbey
Roll 961: 961e.zip Stephanie Gavotte, Czibulka
Roll 962: 962e.zip Berceuse, Read
Roll 963: 963e.zip Flower Song, Lange
Roll 966: 966e.zip Ukelele Lady, Kahn and Whiting
Roll 967: 967e.zip Maderia, Jerome
Roll 968: 968e.zip La Traviata, Verdi
Roll 971: 971e.zip Ballet Music from Faust, Part 1, Gounod
Roll 972: 972e.zip Waltz in A Flat Op.39, No.15, Brhams
Roll 974: 974e.zip Canzone, Gabriel-Marie
Roll 975: 975e.zip The Afterglow, Heurter
Roll 976: 976e.zip Playfullness, Tchaikowsky
Roll 977: 977e.zip Exaltation, Gabriel-Marie
Roll 979: 979e.zip Marche Funebre d'une Mousmé, Gabriel-Marie
Roll 981: 981e.zip Dance of the Clowns from the Opera Snegurochka, Rimsky-Korsakov
Roll 983: 983e.zip En Biscaye (Pas de Danse), Gabriel-Marie
Roll 985: 985e.zip Cradle Song, Lacey
Roll 988: 988e.zip Concert Caprice, Kreisler, Fritz
Roll 990: 990e.zip Sunset and Evening Bells, Federlein
Roll 991: 991e.zip Legend, Federlein
Roll 992: 992e.zip The Mill on the Cliff (Die Felsenmühle), Reissiger (Incomplete)
Roll 994: 994e.zip Show Me the Way to go Home, King
Roll 995: 995e.zip Magic Flute Overture, Mozart
Roll 997: 997e.zip Minuetto, Bolzoni (Recorded by Parke V. Hogan)
Roll 1002: 1002e.zip Old Black Joe, Foster (Recorded by Parke V. Hogan)
Roll 1004: 1004e.zip Just A Cottage Small By A Waterfall, Hanley
Roll 1006: 1006e.zip Evening Prayer, Reinecke
Roll 1007: 1007e.zip Gavotte, Rameau
Roll 1009: 1009e.zip Somebody's Lonely, Davis and Gold (Recorded by Parke V. Hogan)
Roll 1013: 1013e.zip Bells of St. Mary's, Adams
Roll 1015: 1015e.zip Canzone, Hall (Recorded by Maurice Garabrant)
Roll 1019: 1019e.zip Valencia, Fox Trot, Padilla
Roll 1021: 1021e.zip Air, Louis XIII, Ghys
Roll 1023: 1023e.zip Romance, Sieblius (By Gomph)
Roll 1025: 1025e.zip Barcelona, Evans
Roll 1030: 1030e.zip Meditation, Bubeck (Recorded by Chandler Goldthwaite)

"New Music" Stage 2, late 1920's

The rolls below are incompatible with the rolls above.

Roll 1116: 1116e.zip Valse, Allegro Moderato from 5th. Symphony, Tchaikowski (Recorded by Parke V. Hogan)
Roll 1119: 1119e.zip Allegro Vivace from 5th. Symphony, Widor (Recorded by Parke V. Hogan)
Roll 1120: 1120e.zip Cum Sancto (Fugue) from 13th. Mass, Mozart (Recorded by Parke V. Hogan)
Roll 1122: 1122e.zip Allegro Cantabile, Widor
Roll 1124: 1124e.zip Fiat Lux, Dubois