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Band Organs using 165 style Rolls, Videos

Some information provided by Matthew Caulfield.

    Organ: Wurlitzer 164 Style

  1. El Capitan March.
  2. Liberty Bell. .. Roll 6529
  3. Entry of the Gladiators. .. Roll 6526 9th piece
  4. Organ: Wurlitzer 165-Duplex Style

  5. Royal Trumpeters March. Roll 6529 tune 1, Organ serial no. 3106.
  6. This video was made by Jim Kenney at Joe Hilferty's shop before the organ was delivered to Don Neilson's place. Joe Hilferty is a restorer in York, Pennsylvania, who does work for Glenn Thomas and also for Donald Neilson, Sr., a collector who has a huge public collection in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Jim Kenney is a man connected with Neilson and who spends a lot of time at the Neilson collection.

  7. Bombasto March X 2
  8. There are two versions of Bombasto, it properly belongs as tune 1 on roll 6530. But for years was missing on the only known copy of this roll. A Dutch arranger Tom Meijer was paid to made an arrangement of Bombasto for use on new copies of 6530. Later the original Wurlitzer arrangement was released from the John Maxwell collection when Mr. Maxwell died.

    This clip may be playing both versions one after the other and is probably being played too slowly.

    Organ: Wurlitzer 180 Style

    There are only two extant 180's one in the Jasper Sanfilippo Collection, Barrington Hills, Illinoi, and the one in the Alan Bies-Steve Boehck collection, Houston, Texas. No proper videos yet found.

    These organs probably play 180 style rolls which are as rare as the organs.