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MidiMusic Android Video Apps

These video apps are digitally signed and will not bombard you with ads.
They are free to download and free to use. The apps are designed to work with Android Version 3.2 or later.

In order to install these .apk's you need to get them into the Downloads directory of your Android phone or tablet. You can either download direct by displaying this page on your phone or tablet or download to a PC or Mac and then transfer the .apk file manually to your phone or tablet.

Once the .apk is in your Downloads directory, simply touch (click) on it and it will offer to install. You may need to accept the offer to install apps which have not come from the Google play store. Not everything good comes from Google!!

Scott Joplin

The MidiMusic Joplin Video app (file name: MMVid-Joplin2_1.apk) will play videos of all of Scott Joplin's piano music. As the video files are too large to incorporate into an app they have to be located on the internet.
The app also needs to determine whether you are connected to wifi or to a 3g telephone network so it can restrict the bandwidth (and thus the cost) if you are connected to 3g.

Thus an internet connection is required in order for this app to work and the app requires permission to connect to the internet and to detect a wifi or 3g connection.

MMVid-Joplin2_1.apk Securely download V2.1 here.

This is Version 2.1 of this app and it works rather well even though I say it myself. It displays video in full screen and a long press at any time will switch between video and control screens. You can pause the playing video from the video screen and stop it from the control screen. The play list allows you to select any Joplin title and it will immediately play when you select it. Additionally you can set up your preferences for starting silently and or playing continuously either in sequence or randomly.

Comments and Queries

If you find any bugs, have any comments or queries please contact me at the email address in "About".