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Scott Joplin Songs

10. Scott Joplin's published songs

  1. A Picture Of Her Face 1895. Words and Music by Scott Joplin.
  2. Please Say You Will 1895. Words and Music by Scott Joplin.
  3. I Am Thinking Of My Pickaninny Days 1901. Lyrics by Henry Jackson.
  4. Little Black Baby 1903. Lyrics by Louise Armstrong Bristol.
  5. Sarah Dear 1905. Lyrics by Henry Jackson.
  6. Good-bye Old Gal Goodbye 1906. Music by H. Carroll Taylor, lyrics by Mac Darden, arranged by Joplin.
  7. Snoring Sampson 1907. A Quarrel in Ragtime, Music & lyrics by Harry La Mertha, arranged by Joplin.
  8. When Your Hair Is Like The Snow 1907. Lyrics by Owen Spendthrift.
  9. Lovin' Babe 1911. Lyrics by Al. R. Turner, arranged by Joplin.