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Estey Pipe Organ Music

Estey Music, Audio and Video

The audio is played using eplayestey with my purpose designed soundfont.

Play Audio Selection from the archive

  1. 278 King Cotton March. Sousa, 1895
  2. 351 Caprice Viennois. Kreisler, 1910
  3. 420 Dance of the Hours. Ponchielli, 1876
  4. 961 Stephanie Gavotte. Czibulka, 1880
  5. 1013 Bells of St. Mary's. Adams, 1917
  6. 1025 Barcelona. Tolchard Evans, 1926

Selection of Estey MIDI files to play on your Hauptwerk Organ (St. Annes Moseley)

The (free) St. Annes Moseley pipe organ is a good match to a small Estey pipe organ, the only loss is the harp and chimes which are used only in a few of the Estey Music Rolls.

These files directly activate the stops and swell pedal of the Hauptwerk organ in accordance with Estey Instrumentation Requirements.

You can play the files directly on the Hauptwerk organ or on any midi player, such as Van Basco's, which can redirect its output (via LoopBe: Windows, or IAC driver: iMac) to the Hauptwerk Sequencer MIDI IN (advanced usage) - See Hauptwerk General settings/MIDI ports... menu.

  1. 278h.mid 278 King Cotton March, Sousa
  2. 322h.mid 322 Andante Con Moto, Fifth Symphony, Beethoven
  3. 420h.mid 420 Dance of the Hours, Ponchielli
  4. 471h.mid 471 March Triomphale, Lemmens
  5. 901h.mid 901 Scherzo in D Minor, Federlein
  6. 1013h.mid 1013 Bells of St. Mary's, Adams
  7. 1030h.mid 1030 Meditation, Bubeck
Estey MIDI files above updated 12 November 2015.

Play Video, Estey Organs

  1. Opus 2525 Estey Pipe Organ
  2. Opus 2525 The Estey March, Eaton 1898
  3. Opus 2525 March of the Bowmen, Curzon
  4. Opus 2639 Lecture, Christopher Putnam

Educational Pipe Organ Videos

Lecture by Dr. Charles Tompkins
  1. Part 01 Introduction
  2. Part 02 Organ Builder
  3. Part 03 Pipes
  4. Part 04 Stops
  5. Part 05 Manuals
  6. Part 06 Presets
  7. Part 07 Swell Boxes
  8. Part 08 Pedals
  9. Part 09 Phantom Division
  10. Part 10 Playback System
  11. Part 11 Blower Room
  12. Part 12 Organ Chamber
  13. Part 13 View from the Top
  14. Part 14 Wrapup
Other Talks
  1. Introduction to the Pipe Organ
  2. Pipe Organ Tuning
Doing it the hard way, Arjen Leistra in Concert
  1. Fantasie en Fuga in g minor Bach
  2. Suite op.5 III. Toccata St.Ouen Rouen Durufle